Diane Wacks

To pot is to be…. Clay gets into your soul…You shed tears of mud…Clay becomes part of your finger tips and drips lines of mud to your heart.

In 1975, when I walked into my first pottery class, I knew I had foundan outlet to the visual artist that I left behind to study music. I begancombining throwing on the wheel and hand building early on. After my children were born, I left pottery home so that I could earn a livingand take care of my family.

In 2009, when I retired, I wanted to return to clay. When I found the Potter’s guild I once again felt that draw to the feel of the clay. As an artist, I look at the clay as it comes off of a trimmed pot and I
see figures in it. Sometimes I see flowers and sometimes a dragon. Animals forms fascinate me, how they move and how they are in repose.

I work with clay in a quick and free form fashion. I often make things that I see in the clay itself. I am continuing to hone my skills so that one day my thrown forms will be consistent, but I am not a perfectionist and if you are, you should look at another potter’s work.

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